Your weekly update on all things compost related!

This week we collected one bin of scraps from our community. Last night was Chewbaccus (Mardi Gras is in full swing here in NOLA) so, maybe everyone had a little bit too much fun to make it out today… it’s impossible to tell with these things!

I was very excited about putting the food scraps in our new bin! Just look at how much cleaner this is in comparison to our last set up!

It was a delight to cover the food waste with dried leaves and sawdust raked from our back yard. It’s very fulfilling to see how much we truly are diverting from landfills in this process.

The first bin is now full and curing. We’ll continue to do weekly stirring and check back with hopes of another 6-8 week turnaround. We already have enough compost to feed old beds and fill new ones. We learn next week if the Galvez Garden receives funding for more beds. We’re hopeful and excited for what that could mean for our community. Stay tuned!

Spring is officially less than two months away! Yippee! Until next week, wishing y’all happy gardening and composting!

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