Your weekly update on all things compost related!

This week we collected one full bin of frozen food scraps at the Galvez garden. For whatever reason people decided to disperse among the three different bins, as featured below. For clarity, collectively it all added up to one bin.

Here’s what it all looked like when we added to our pile.

I’ve started to remove the compostable bags you can see in the image above. While yes they do break down, it holds up the process and doesn’t serve our goals for the garden at this time. We’re still using collected raked leaves and sawdust as our browns and we have one and a half garbage bags left to use for upcoming collection days.

Here’s the bin after adding our carbon (and the remaining dried leaves placed in front for future use).

Also, we have great news! The Galvez Garden is going to receive support to start growing vegetables far beyond our current capacity. We’re excited to learn more about the opportunity and share with you as we receive more information. Stay tuned! It’s was a beautiful day and the garden is just going to get better as spring approaches. We have so much to look forward to, I can’t wait!

Until next week, happy composting!

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