I dig it.

Getting my hands dirty building a garden for our community. 
Keeping it as real and local as possible.

Exploring urban agriculture, land stewardship, and stormwater management in creative and inspiring ways.

Corn, sunflowers, and squash
Galvez Garden

We believe that small things can make big changes. The Galvez Garden incorporates green infrastructure, native plants, and a rain garden.

Why You’ll Love It.

  • Ethical, Sustainable Permaculture
  • Educational and Community Building
  • Safe Green Spaces for Stormwater Management

Rooted in science and driven by a process oriented perspective, I Dig It finds inspiration in multiple innovative methods. The site is designed to mitigate flooding and act as a teaching garden, exploring a range of gardening techniques. The Galvez Garden is an opportunity to share ecological and economical ways New Orleanians can take on a more active role in storm water management and benefit from urban gardens.

Looking forward to watching the garden grow!

Interested in learning more or how to participate?

Email lissie@idigitnola.com for more info.