Exploring gardens and farms in different parts of North Carolina driving back to New Orleans

Yancey and Dig In Yancey

While in Asheville I realized I was really close to a great farming community that I follow on Instagram. We’ll I reached out to them online, and I’m glad I did. I wanted to visit their farm and they informed me that it was going to be closed that day but invited me to an event they were hosting at their sister Garden. I’m so happy I went!

Feel free to insert your own caption here

We planted sunflowers seeds and “hope” while we were there.

Dylan, admiring her sunflower seeds
Planting in the new garden bed
It reads, “grow food for others”

Our hope for them is that they continue to be successful in their operation of growing food for others and we hope to expand our vegetable gardens to feed more in the future. I’m so glad ai reached out and even more grateful Dig In Yancey obliged us with their time. I Dig it!

Dig In Yancey’s sister garden

Dylan and Lissie with happy gardeners, dressed as carrots, of course! I never really got an answer about the carrot costumes, but it’s a memory I’m happy to have!

Asheville, NC

Sow True Seed

Sow True Seed, one of our original supporters, is located in Asheville so we had to stop by the store to say hello! We told one of the employees of our relationship with the store and that we were on a Glorious Garden Tour in aims of visiting more community gardens in the area, and she gave us some amazing suggestions. We purchased cover crops and some stickers and then headed out to find her favorite garden spots!

Another reason to support Sow Tree Seeds: they really are an amazing organization with very kind staff! Thanks again!

Peace Gardens

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden was pretty special.

The green house was awesome and it was cool to see the materials they used to make theirs. It was a DIY, custom job and I appreciated how they used leaves for mulch.

They’re tool section was amazing and I love that they didn’t have to lock anything up. It was obvious that they have established a sincere level of respect in the community and cool to see and put on my wish list of ways we can grow at Galvez.

Family shot at Peace Gardens
Can you see the butterfly?

Southside Community Farm

The Southside Community Farm was amazing! We were lucky enough to talk with some of the collective gardeners. The story goes the site started as a community garden and over the years it turned into a legit farm, feeding members in the community. I think I made new friends their!

Dylan refuses to look at the camera… but we look good!

After getting back to our place just outside of the city we decide to take a hike up the hill to see the view. It did not disappoint.

Back through Birmingham

We took NOLA to Birmingham, Birmingham to Chattanooga, Chattanooga to Asheville, Asheville back to Birmingham for another stop to break up the trip. The drive to Birmingham from NOLA and from Asheville were both the longest stretches on the road. At this point we were pretty tired, and we’ll aware that we still had a long drive back to New Orleans. The little time we had between our arrival and Dylan’s bed time we spent taking a walk to see the neighborhood. It’s funny how being in the garden hunting mindset gardens just sort of found us. I loved stumbling across the cabinet store that had a legit vegetable garden bed just because it could.

And I was really happy when we found the garden that the church was growing on the walk home.

And some of the neighbors were clearly gardeners. Look at this beautiful living arbor we got to see!

I was sad that the site wasn’t finished, but it was still fun to explore the Elysian Gardens while in progress of opening. The site is intended to be a multipurpose visual and performing art space. It made me think I need to get some more sculptures at Galvez…

Had a not so great Airbnb in Alabama this time through, so we left bright an early for the last leg of the journey. We went through Mississippi…

Back to Louisiana…

And then home to NOLA.

This has been such an inspiring trip! I’m exhausted, but so, so inspired!

Now, time to get work! Last stop on the Glorious Garden Tour, our beloved Galvez Garden. Stay tuned!

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