Green infrastructure is not impossible: it is imperative. Thankfully, we can act to reduce the impacts of climate change and flooding in our neighborhoods. While beautifying an empty lot, I Dig It is taking action to remediate the climate change crisis and making our streets safer. By mitigating storm water run off, planting native pollinators species, and, with loving care, I Dig It maintains the Galvez Garden. I Dig It intends to grow something more than just beautiful landscapes. Rather, the site is intended on being a powerful opportunity to explore and marvel in the gifts of curated land stewardship. Building community, we call on all y’all to be a part of it. Let’s grow together!

About Green Infrastructure And Growing Green

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See more about the amazing projects of the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority by clicking below! And, imagine, with me… I’d dig that.

What is a bioswale and how does it work?

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What is a rain garden and how does it work?

Illustration by Doug Adamson, RDG Planning & Design, provided by USDA-NRCS in Des Moines, Iowa. Via watershedcouncil.org

What are permeable pavers and how do they work?

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Such great news, y’all! This week marks one year of operation as a community compost collection site! We have had two cycles of compost from start to finish used in our garden. Our bin that is curing is probably 2 weeks away from being finished and we have active participation in the program. We’re thrilled!…


Your weekly update on all things compost related! Happy Sunday, y’all! This is the last Sunday before Mardi Gras, and would you believe it, we’re open for your food scraps! In addition, as promised I can finally share more details about the Cultivating the Community Garden Grant! The NOLA Artist Incubator has been awarded funding…


Your weekly update on all things compost related! Happy St. Roch Sunday, y’all! As you can tell from the photo above, we had a light collection of scraps today. I only put out two bins this morning, expecting less visitors as Mardi Gras is in full swing and it’s the Super Bowl Sunday. For this…

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