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This week we collected one bin of compost from the green project, one bin of compost from the garden, and two pumpkins. I dared to post on social media that we would collect pumpkins since Halloween was last weekend. I was a little nervous I might get more than I can handle, so when I recycled two from the neighbors, it was a relief. It was fun to smash them up in the bin. I have four pumpkins at home that will be making their way to the compost bin soon. I think it is really neat that everything composts.

Here’s an image of this weeks food scraps collected at Galvez Garden.

We also picked up some native plants today. I just love everything that Delta Flora does, and they’re such kind and knowledgeable people. They gave me some extras, so I planted Gulf Coast Penstemon (Penstemon tenuis) in various parts along the property. We also purchased and planted Purple Cornflower, Purple Lovegrass, and Joe Pye Weed. I did all my research on them and had it in my mind what they were going to look like mature, so it was a funny surprise to see the tiny plugs… I was careful to mark them in the places they’re planted because they’re so tiny right now. We look forward to watching them grow and introducing more natives to the garden.

I’ve been working very hard on the Permaculture Certification Course and it’s inspiring so many ideas for the garden. It’s a fun exercise to plan out the garden in this way, and I’m excited to apply some of this new knowledge to make the garden less maintenance and more efficient. Stay tuned!

Here are some pictures I’ve taken for the portfolio. It really highlights some of the work we’ve been up to.

I think it’s good to drop these right here for now. I have a feeling we’ll be making some improvements and the landscaping will change some in the near future.

Thank for helping us divert waste from landfills and supporting our journey as we continue to grow the green space that brings us so much joy! Until next week, happy composting!

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