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This week’s collection

Happy Sunday, y’all! This week we collected one bin from the Green Project and two bins from Galvez Garden. Unfortunately (hard to believe, but this actually happened…) someone stole the bin (filled with food scraps) from the Green Project Thursday evening. I haven’t a clue what someone would want with a bin filled with decomposing food, but, that happened. Wild times when you have to worry about theft to such a degree… I’m chalking it up to: someone must have really needed that bin, and am hopeful that someone is using it to compost (as unlikely as that may be to believe). That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s a healthier attitude to take than to think too hard on the matter…

Another sign of the times and making good decisions for mental health, we’re officially taking off for Christmas Day. I debated continuing to offer the service, but my daughter will be three this year, so I decided it would be best if we weren’t open that day to spend time together as a family. We will be open on New Years Day, so I figured it was ok to take one day off. Apologies in advance.

Back to this week, I was delighted to find more pumpkins when we collected bins from the garden this evening. I’m so happy that they ended up in our garden and not a landfill. It reminds me that it’s worth going out in the rain, smoldering heat, and on days like today, bitter cold to spend some time doing community service. We are delighted to offer this simple gesture for the greater good. The bin is legitimately overflowing, so I do believe it’s finally time to start another one going. It makes me confident that with three bins, we can sustain collecting indefinitely.

Dylan is less of helper these days, but she still tags along and find the process intriguing. We’re so proud when she sees food scraps and reminds us to “feed the worms”. She’s a pretty cool kid.

Here’s a glimpse of where we’re at (adding in the bins of greens and covering with browns):

I’m not sure what to expect for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be ready to collect that Sunday at Galvez Garden.

In other compost related news, Ben (OG Compost and Owner of REALcycle) was kind enough to share some glass, recycled from sand with us for an art project I’m working on. He’s doing so many amazing things for our city, I was truly humbled that he took the time and shared his materials with us. If you’re in NOLA looking to buy the BEST compost in town, look for OG Compost. He really is a master at the process.

The garden is looking lovely and we’re enjoying watching it grow as the seasons change.Here’s a couple of pictures of how Galvez Garden looks in her first fall:

Sun hemp and our Dagga taking over the Mandeville Side; Anna K. Lemnitzer’s living sculpture featured
Dylan and Jesse
View of the growth at Galvez Garden

We have new trees to plant in the coming months and we’re excited to add a Mayhaw Tree we got this weekend from the Big Treesy Giveaway, hosted by the NOLA Tree Project. I am so grateful for them, but I should mention that some of the plants they give away are invasive. One should always do their research before planting trees, so I’m just going to leave that thought here and leave it at that.

There’s always more to be done at the garden, but for tonight, I can say with confidence that we’re doing a great job stewarding the lot on North Galvez. We thank everyone who came out to divert waste from our landfills and will keep you posted on all the happenings that occur at the garden here.

Until next week, happy composting, and good night!

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