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Current compost bin, with Sunday’s scraps added

Hey, y’all! Happy St. Roch Sunday! Compost Collection Updates: This week we collected one full bin from the Green Project, and one full bin from Galvez Garden.

Collection at Galvez Garden

As soon as think the pile is done, it shrinks just enough to add more to it, so we’re still adding to our second bin. Third bin is ready to fill, but I’ll just keep on squeaking in more food scraps until we absolutely cannot handle anymore (which might be another week or so).

We’re excited to have a relationship with the Community Food Coordinator and lovely people at SPROUT NOLA. Mina shared a wonderful opportunity with the growing community about an upcoming grant through the USDA and we are going to throw our hat into the ring! We’re asking for high quality garden beds and greenhouse. It would be a game changer to have some financial support, so we’re optimistically going to apply.

In the process of seeking funding, I am humbled to reflect on all the community partnerships we’ve developed over the last 10 months. I’m so happy to report about our compost collections and thrilled to be involved with Compost NOW, but we’ve made so many other meaning relationships that may have gone without me mentioning.

SPROUT has been one of our biggest supporters from the beginning. They’re quick to share expertise and feedback. They even supplied us with our prolific loofah starters! We’re so grateful for their shared knowledge and kindness to our garden, I felt compelled to give them a shout out.

Check out their amazing organization and gardens!

Learn more about this phenomenal organization and the wonderful people who are a part of it in the link below.

Their mission is to “…support established and developing farmers in our community with technical and social support to build a stronger, more equipped community of growers in New Orleans and help all New Orleanians be part of a community food system”.

It is our hope that with funding we can establish a system to grow more food to share with the community. We’ll continue to serve as a teaching garden for youth and as a community green space that improves our neighborhood. If selected for funding, it is our hope to purchase materials and supplies to establish a productive vegetable garden area that grows food for the community. Ideally the new garden beds would provide a space for people who want to grow food in our garden to do so. The height of the beds are more accessible to people, making it more inclusive for neighbors to participate in learning about and growing their own food at the Galvez Garden. We’re hopeful – as this would be a game changer- I’ll be sure to keep you posted if anything comes of our efforts.

Our bins out for Sunday collection
View of the garden when you walk in the entrance from North Galvez Street

The garden is looking great and we’re excited about the possibilities and new developments on our site. As always, we thank you for participating in our compost collection and goals to divert waste from our landfills. We feel so blessed to be a part of the lovely growing community and look forward to continuing our work as we approach our one year anniversary. right now, I’m just feeling very blessed for how much the garden has given, and the beautiful relationships we’ve made along the way.

Until next week, happy growing, y’all!

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