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Collection from this week at Galvez Garden

This week was an off week. We received no compost from the Green Project. It was bizarre. We’re attributing the lack of drop off with the Saints game that occurred at exactly the same time this Thursday. I guess all our composting friends are huge fans… Either way, we received one full bin in total from from both sites from our collection at the garden. Because of the light load, I put it on top of our full pile, so we’re still operating with one bin only.

It’s good to have another week to empty out the finished compost from our first bin. We’ll spend next week adding that to our other beds.

Swamp Sunflowers

Our swamp sunflower finally bloomed this week! We’re very excited about it and again, I wonder why I didn’t buy more when I had the chance. They’re beautiful and we are happy whenever a native plant establishes itself.

We’re still using the wood shavings as our browns and I must say it makes the whole process so much easier. We’ve accumulated a great deal of cardboard while we go through the sawdust and wood clippings, so we’re set for maybe another month on browns.

Update on the worm composting bin: they’re doing great! The compost they’re making looks phenomenal and I’m debating splitting the system in half. I have aspirations of making a keyhole garden bed with a work tower at the garden. Stay tuned!

Pretty calm week at the garden, all in all. I’ve been drying out loofahs on the vine and the ones I took home are looking great. I’ve turned a couple into sponges and the hardest part is getting out all the seeds. It’s a wonderful thing to demystify new projects and I can happily report: it’s not that hard to make your own natural fibers from the gourds.

Thanks for everyone who dropped off this week! Happy composting, y’all!

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