Building Community Through Gardening

Today we hosted an event to share some of the gifts the garden has given us. We gave neighbors the opportunity to paint and plant their own lettuce starters to take home for their gardens. We are so thrilled with the interest and enthusiasm in the space we have been working so hard to transform! It was a delight to see everyone enjoying their time engaging in the garden.

Painting tin cans for planting lettuce starters

A dear neighbor came by as the event was wrapping up with seeds, tools, and water -a treasured resource to us- and stuck around to make sure all the plants were well watered. She was so generous she even donated fencing that we’re excited to put to good use! This was dear, unexpected, and much appreciated. We are constantly amazed by the kindness in our community…

Sharing helps everyone grow.

We feel so incredibly grateful for all of the great things happening at the garden and all the kind people we’ve been able to spend time with in this magical space.

Lettuce starters and avocado pits
Lemonade, seeds, and lettuce starters for visitors

Thanks again to Parks and Parkways for the seeds and Imbue Farm for our lettuce starters that everyone enjoyed!

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