Compost Now And I Dig It Working Together To Divert Food Waste From Our Landfills

I Dig It is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Compost Now, a residential food waste collection project in New Orleans. Starting February 23rd the Galvez Garden will be offering a weekly compost drop off site for the St. Roch community on Sundays from 10:00am 1:00pm. Persons interested in this free service may drop off their FROZEN food scraps in the bins at the garden. We encourage anyone interested in helping divert these resources from landfills to make “compost drop off day” a part of their weekly routine!

What to Bring

Frozen fruit and vegetable scraps (peels, pits, seeds), eggshells, nut shells, seed shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, filters, plain grains. It’s suggested to bring scraps in a paper or compostable bag or a reusable container.

Please DO NOT drop off your compost outside of the days and hours specified above or if the bins are not there.

The new composting area. She may not be pretty, but we’re going to make something beautiful here…

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