I Dig It Gives Back!

Over the last month the Galvez Garden has been actively working with community resources and local farmers to find ways to share and collaborate. We are so grateful to all our new friends and we look forward to growing green together! Here’s a tiny glimpse of some of the outreach we’ve been up to…

New plant stand at the Galvez Garden, in front of the freshly planted Meyer Lemon tree

I Dig It has received and distributed seeds and seedlings with our neighbors in St. Roch. The Galvez Garden has a neat new addition, our Plant Sharing Stand! So far we’ve given away a couple of seed packets and almost 20 lettuce starters… pretty soon we won’t be able to keep track. That’s pretty cool.

We can’t wait to see all the gardens that pop up!

Plants from @imbuefarm, separated lettuce seedlings for neighbors to take home

Seeds from Parks and Parkways, given through the District D Community Liason from the Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement, shared with neighbors of St. Roch

When we all work together, what a beautiful world it can be! Sharing makes everything better! I dig it…

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