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This week we collected a total of four bins of food scraps from the Galvez Garden and the Green Project! And so many additional amazing things happened! Let’s jump right in!

We added shredded recyclable paper, sawdust, pine straw, and cardboard as our brown this week. The sawdust works phenomenally- I’m thinking of adding some to the worm bin- it was an excellent addition to the pile.

The pile is mostly filled. We moved the Shepard’s Hut to create space for the third composting bin to create a three bin system. It’s not particularly pretty, but it gets the job done. It’s also formed around a tree that is growing on a fence line, between the two properties… we chose to make room for the tree to grow over aesthetics… it’s a storage system for waste; let’s not over think it…

We’re happy to have the room to grow our composting efforts. We’re delighted to be presenting at the American Community Gardening Association in October to share our experiences with other gardeners. You can learn more about them in the link below!

We have a very fancy new sign, we’re so excited that you can scan it to learn more about the project.

The installation of Anna K. Lemnitzer’s Galvez Garden Community Shrine adds so much to the garden. We love how it inspired new walkways, a mulch bioswale growing native pollinator plants, and Dylan photobombing every single picture we take of the area…

As you can see, it’s beautiful.

I find that often we mention seeing people enjoying our pocket park from the bench. Here is a picture of the pallet board bench we are always talking about. In the image you can see a glimpse of the part of the willow we planted. Unfortunately the other section of the tree is struggling. We’re debating proper treatment plans and are aware of the issue.

But here is the area that has become so loved. I believe it is mostly loved because of the trees and the view. It’s loved all the same.

Also, we added more fencing to the property. Once again, we re-purposed what we had to create more visually interesting spaces in the garden. I love it!

We sure hope y’all like the upgrades as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them! Thanks for composting and/or following!

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