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This weeks collection updates:

The Green Project: One full bin.

Galvez Garden: Two half full bins.

Conclusion: Lots of food waste diverted from landfills. More than before. We’ll done, Lads!

This week it finally feels like everything is dry and hot enough to do it’s work, thank goodness. Hopefully we’ll see some of that occur in the form of shrinking, or we’ll add more browns and close the system to get it done. Stay tuned.

Updates at Galvez Garden:

We’re officially presenting on behalf of the Galvez Garden at the American Community Gardening Association in October. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends!

In collaboration with the NOLA Artist Incubator, we’re soliciting community input in regards to public art and beautification projects in the neighborhood. Please assist in adding your opinion to their survey. I’ll share the link below.


So all in all, lots going on at the Galvez Garden! Wish us luck as we continue to do our best to utilize a space to energize a block in our neighborhood! We planted carrot seeds and cleaned out some beds to grow back, with abundance. I’m seriously debating trying to grow a cut flower bed, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, perennial pollinators, and edible annuals- stay tuned! I was sure to take two scoops of unfiltered/sifted cured compost (and spread it among the carrot seeds)… I am hopeful, thank goodness my husband reminds me to be, that the garden will continue to look glorious for when we have visitors!


Thanks for all who dropped off food scraps today!

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