Asheville/Weaverville North Carolina

My husband is so wonderful to have made this trip happen. It was his idea to take a road trip, he is the best.

I am in the country and it is beyond lovely. In search of inspiration, we sometimes find it in the funniest places.

As a little girl I was always fond of livestock. We learned how to ride horses at a young age. I drove pony carts and advanced to mule led wagons, but horses have always had the most special spot in my heart. They are such majestic creatures.

Today I met Coco Channel (with her trainer, earlier, and with permission). My husband caught these images this evening. She let me pet her and shoo away flies while she crazed. It was so beautiful to reconnect with the little girl that wasnโ€™t scared of riding bareback and preferred the wildest horse. I am beyond being inspired. Being with Coco Channel in that moment, I was at home with all of me.

I highly recommended taking inspirational vacations to further develop oneโ€™s passions. This is so wonderful that I can say, I am in awe.๐Ÿ˜Œ

Stay tuned!

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