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Happy Sunday! This week is very exciting because it’s the last time we’re going to see the garden for a bit! The family and I are taking a business trip, visiting other gardens in the south and will leave the garden to take care of herself for one whole week! I’ve been to the garden every single day over the last six months, so this will be an interesting experiment being unable to tend to it while we’re away. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m nervous, but I’m putting faith in what we’ve created being able to take care of itself for a bit (and expecting to come back to a lot of weeding, c’est la vie).

This week’s collection

We collected one bin worth the of compostable material this week. We added to our new pile. My husband helped turn the big pile, check out this phenomenal candid I got of him hard at work:

If you love me, you kinda have to like composting…

Here’s a glimpse of the compost pile that’s curing. It looks great!

And here’s a shot of the two bins, side by side. I think this perfectly illustrates the process.

We were able to get everything covered just in time to beat the rain. Tomorrow I’ll make sure the new pile has enough browns (it just started to come down as I was adding) and give it a good turn to make sure she’s in tip top shape before we leave.

Tuesday’s Master Gardener class is about propagation and composting. I moved our travel dates as not to miss it. I’ll be sure to share this thread with the group and report any feedback I get with y’all on the blog.

Thanks for everyone that came out to do their part and divert food waste from landfills!

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