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Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate we filled the children’s garden with a soft, thick layer of mulch, purchased more perennials for our permaculture beds, turned the compost, and collected two full bins to add to the pile. It’s official, our first compost bin is full! Way to go everyone who’s been showing up every week and a huge thank you to Compost NOW for adding us to their drop off sites! We are so excited to let this batch sit a while and looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor in the garden when it’s ready!

It was a lovely way to end a rather long week at the garden. We received another truck load of mulch and have been spending time spreading it around the garden.

Dylan on the “Mulch Mountain”

I do believe this is better than our last load and we received significantly more this time. We went over our existing mulched areas and added to new spots around the property. Check out the transformation in the children’s area in the pictures below!

View of the children’s area with fresh mulch
View of the children’s area from outside

I’m thinking I might have enough to play around with adding some bioswales and different dimensions to the garden… stay tuned!

We’ll be starting our second compost pile next week, so we’re excited about the progress we’ve made in such a short time. It’s hard to believe we only acquired the lease for the property in December when we stop and look around at how much we’ve built, planted, and are growing.

The collection from week
The last of the browns over the greens-we’ve filled our first bin- no more room in this area!

True to form, these are the only pictures we took of us today. I do find it fitting that it’s my darling daughter and I as I am collecting compost, and trying to keep her out of the bins…😂

Thanks to all our neighbors that dropped off and thanks to all my readers, all three of you. Ok, two and a half…

It’s been a long day at the end of a long week.

It was a perfect day, proceeded by a lovely and eventful week.

I can’t stop smiling.

If you’ve never walked around your neighborhood lugging a shovel and a pitchfork in a wheelbarrow before, you should try it.

I’m just loving this life and the garden makes everything so much more interesting! Happy Mother’s Day, and happy composting, y’all!

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