Welcome to this week’s addition to THE Com POST! We’re excited to report we filled two more bins this week with food scraps diverted from landfills! We might be able to add one more weekend in our first compost pile, but it will be cutting it close! Just to be safe we’ll go ahead and clear the space for our second compost pile, so amazing! When I think of where we started and where we are now it is really amazing how much we’ve collected by partnering with Compost NOW. It could have taken our little family a year for us to fill a compost pile! Thanks to everyone who’s contributing!

We’re also pleased to present y’all with our seed lending library! Freshly installed outside the lean to, give and take and grow your own garden.

In solidarity with Ukraine, we have painted the national flower, the Sunflower. Until the sunflowers bloom, the wars end, or we learn to coexist in a better way, we plant the seeds of hope through giving.

Thank you for participating in our community garden.

I’m also pleased to present our official logo, see below:

New logo for the Post

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