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Update on our ongoing collaboration with Compost NOW and our weekly drop off site:

We were curious if last week’s volume of food waste was as an anomaly due to Mardi Gras related closures at other sites around town, and; I’m happy to report, I believe we’ve got regulars! This Sunday yielded another two bins of food waste diverted from our landfills! I’m always so impressed by how conscientious our participants are to the garden! We had frozen food waste and recyclable paper bags dropped off, just as described on the website. Nothing out of the ordinary and noting we couldn’t handle.

March 6th Collection

The scraps from last week have already compressed and after loading this week’s collection, we still have room to add in our first bin. Currently we are operating a two bin composting system but with the success of the resources we’re collecting from these events, we have plans to add a third bin to our site.

Thanks to our community and Compost NOW for collectively diverting food waste from our landfills and helping our garden grow! Stay tuned for another update next week! Happy Spring!

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