Update: Today is the last Sunday before Mardi Gras and it’s hard to believe it, but despite it being the middle of carnival, neighbors came out and dropped off food waste! This is our second official week as a Compost NOW drop off site so we didn’t know what to expect. Also, at the time we set up our bins it was raining pretty hard so we were hopeful but unconvinced we’d get any visitors today. The rain went away, the sun came out, and after hitting two parades uptown we showed up to find two bins filled with compostable materials! Thank you everyone who is participating to keep these resources out of our landfills!

Our bins from this Sunday

We filled our bins and I am happy to report that when I went to turn the compost pile we had steam. We’re doing it, people! We’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress as we navigate the ins and outs of it all. It’s a dirty job but a job worth doing and we’re thrilled to take on the task! Until next week, happy gardening and, happy Mardi Gras!

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