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This week we collected two full bins from the Green Project and one and a half from Galvez Garden. Our new bin is quickly filling up, as we collected another haul of pumpkins this week!

This weekend also marked my daughters third birthday. LaLa gave her some garden themed dress up outfits, so the day of she was a bumblebee, and all day today she was a lady bug…

Lady bug in the garden…

Obviously we threw her a bug themed birthday, “Happy Bee Day” & “Bee Three” were our guiding words for the day. What can I say, she’s really into bugs (and we could not be more proud). We leaned into it, and had a lovely day.

Bee Three!

The garden is looking great! I’m so happy to report that everything is growing well, and some of our seeds has sprouted in the vegetable gardening area. We’re still putting everything together for the grant and hopeful that we’ll be considered for a vegetable garden makeover. Fingers crossed. I also have another grant in the works that I’m less confident about, but you don’t get if you don’t ask, so stay tuned!

In other gardening related news we went to a cool event on Sunday and got to visit a really beautiful growing space, Speakeasy Farm. They hosted a people’s fair to wrap up a fundraising event and it was lovely to see so many people come out to support local growers. Participants were asked to bring a “show-and-tell” activity; we brought loofahs and gave away loofah seeds. It was really inspiring place, and I’m glad we got to experience their event.

At Speakeasy Farm

It’s so very encouraging to see and meet other growers in the community! We were gifted some turmeric and a fig tree. I’m excited about the possibilities of both the new soon to be additions at the garden.

On an aside, our sister nonprofit, the NOLA Artist Incubator, is working hard to provide services to the community. I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be offering classes in January for children up to five, to learn about gardening through art! The organization was fortunate enough to receive some donations on Giving Tuesday, so we’re going to be able to offer a month of weekly programming to the community, free of charge. I can’t wait! If you’d like to learn more about the nonprofit visit the website at:

The Incubator was born out of the Galvez Garden, and I’m thrilled to witness it growing!

In closing, it was great week and I thank you all for joining us in this journey. To those that helped us divert waste from landfills by dropping off scraps, thank you! And to those still on the fence about composting, just go for it! Everything composts eventually, and it’s really not that hard. We certainly enjoy adding it to our routine! Until next week, happy gardening!

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