Your weekly update on all things compost related!

Fall is finally here! The weather has turned just lovely! We’re so busy getting ready for all the upcoming events and the garden is looking wonderful.

This week we collected one bin from the Green Project and one bin from the Galvez Garden.

One of the projects I’m working on is with the Louisiana Master Gardener graduating class of 2022. I’ve been working with fellow graduates to create the display for the Master Gardener Apprentice display booth at the Fall Garden Show. We are presenting a Propagation Station, informing gardeners about the various types of propagation methods at the Botanical Garden next weekend. As part of that we’re putting together an informative environmentally friendly digital resource for anyone interested in learning more. I’m sharing the link to the information below.

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve put together for the event:

We’re looking forward to speaking on Friday at the American Community Gardening Association conference with Compost NOW. We hope to see familiar faces for those of you visiting on the tour this Saturday. Stay tuned!

Until then happy composting!

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