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Thanks to all our drops off this week! We collected one bin from the Green Project from Thursdays collection and just shy of two bins at Galvez Garden on Sunday. Huge shout out to James from Compost NOW for helping Friday and dropping off their bin at the garden for us. Thank you! It’s phenomenal when people help you out and we could all use a little help every now and then!

We received a smaller portion of food scraps from both sites this week. It has been raining heavily and flooding is a big issue here, so perhaps that is the cause. Needless to say the compost really isn’t getting as hot as I’d like it to. It is collecting too much moisture which in turn, is leading to all sorts of unwanted issues. I aim to have it all sorted out soon, but it’s a process, we shall see…

I’m taking the following interventions to address issues:

Observing, researching, controlling, it’s fascinating because different sources and information agree there are different ways to examine and address problems in composting. To start, what is perceived as a problem to some may be considered a lagniappe to others. Problems are relative.

Maggots are one of those grey areas…

We added some extra hay we had as browns this week just to help dry it out. I sure hope we haven’t contaminated this batch and made compost that grows hay fields…but, like I said, we’re addressing issues, one at a time. First step, more browns, more heat. We need to find a way to keep it dry, despite humidity and rain. And it’s gotta be low maintenance. Stay tuned.

Adventures in composting, to be continued…


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