Your weekly update on all things compost related!

Wowzers! This week we filled both bins to the rim! I sure hope we didn’t have anyone come by and not have room! Next week we will be sure to have three bins out, just in case!

Between picking up from the Green Project and Sundays in St. Roch becoming popular, we need a new spot for composting ASAP!

Let’s be real, sometimes compost doesn’t do what you want it to. The rain has been intense lately, so our compost is too moist currently. We plan to add some straw next time we have a drop off to try and remediate.

Adding the newest drop offs of food waste (before)

The garden is looking great! We can’t wait for things to cool down so we can rearrange the compost area!

Adding our browns after dumping a failed plant and soil on top of our Sunday collection.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week!

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