Your weekly update on our adventures in composting at the garden!

This week we were a little light in our collections. We filled one bin -see above- that high. As I’m sure I’ve posted in the past, our hours open for collecting are from 10:00am- 1:00pm. This is proving that it’s difficult to work in the garden in the Louisiana summers during certain hours. Today we picked up our bins just after 1:00, and I remembered why we’ve been leaving the out later each Sunday… it’s hot!

Despite the heat, the garden is looking great! Both of our arbors are filling up with foliage and everything looks so sharp! Our weeding (or I should say, my husband’s weeding) has paid off. We’re prepared to welcome NOLA Artist Incubator and they’re Artist-in-Residence, Anna K. Lemnitzer.

We’ve been told that if everything finishes within 10 days, we may have time (and cause) to celebrate the new work. I love the idea of hosting an opening at the garden, so stay tuned!

Happy gardening, and composting, supporting the cultural value of the arts, dreaming big thinking outside the box! Seriously though, stay tuned!

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