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This week’s haul

Our collection from this week was a little lighter than usual. We’re still adding to our second bin to give our first compost pile time to do its thing. The good news is our second pile is looking (and smelling) great! It’s got an earthy smell and no flies. It’s amazing to see how quickly it can get filled up with the additional scraps from neighbors! We just started this pile and it’s already past how full I had it after two months of just adding our family’s scraps!

The garden is looking great and I’m happy to report that on Tuesday I start the Louisiana Master Gardener program! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes but I’m thrilled that I was accepted and for the opportunity to learn through LSUAg!

I’m proud that with her growing vocabulary Dylan is not only aware of what we are doing, but talks about the compost; “It’s Compost!” she proudly declares when we return to the garden to take in the bins. Unfortunately apparently she got into it when we weren’t looking, so I guess she’s officially a member of the composting crew! We took a nice long bath after she came back from the garden…haha!

We’re working hard every day to maintain and keep up the garden with the growing season upon us. The hard work is paying off, though. Come by and check it out, our little slice of city park on Galvez. She’s looking great!

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