Your weekly update on our adventures in composting and community gardening!

Firstly, Happy Easter! What a wonderful day to reflect on and celebrate gardening! On this day that to many is marked as a celebration of rebirth, I’m happy to fill y’all in with the latest scoops on our plot of land we’re nourishing. Today was extra special because not only is it St. Roch Sunday, but my daughter got a VIP Easter egg hunt at the garden (a last minute decision, but a hit all the same). I may need to make it an annual event for the local children in the community as she thoroughly enjoyed hunting for the twenty eggs I hid before she arrived as we prepared our site for compost drop off.

Can you spot the egg?

In addition we got a visit from the lovely Lynne, master composter, the Queen of Compost herself made a point to check in with us. Last night she reached out to confirm if we were willing to host today, as it is a major holiday. Of course we said yes and it turns out we were the only open site on this side of the river, so I’m pleased with the decision. It is so wonderful to have the support of people with more knowledge and experience than I possess stop by and give feedback on what we’re building. We discussed all the progress and how to tackle some of our garden pests. Obviously we talked shop in depth about our compost.

Making a hole in the compost before adding new greens
Greens from Sunday added
Coving with more browns and hopes it will keep away unwanted pests

I’m happy to report we got a thumbs up from Compost NOW and according to Lynne, we are just a few weeks away from needing to start our new pile. This is very happy news indeed. It was sort of amazing handing her my pitchfork and seeing how gracefully she turned the pile as she observed what we are working with. Watching a person who has mastered a skill is always exciting, but the ease in which she worked was both inspiring and humbling. One day…

It was a delight to show off all the new plants and the success of plants that are blooming in the light of spring. When we first met it was on one of the coldest days of the year, and to share the garden in the spring, when it’s bursting with life is a treat indeed!

Lettuce ready for harvest

We are so pleased with all the growth on site and so happy to continue to learn while we grow as stewards of the garden. I love how much the garden gives us. It’s a pleasure when it’s inspires us to be able to give back. We may be offering an additional drop off day this summer, so stay tuned. For now we’ve got our hands full with all the tasks that come along with springtime at a garden, but I’m so happy to share that the compost is going well! Here’s to growing!

Growth at the garden: sunflowers, corn, lettuce, and squash

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