Happy day at the Galvez Garden! Today we filled two bins of compost halfway and added that much and a bag of leaves to the compost. The bin is nearly full and despite some fruit flies and curious lizards, no dramatic updates to report this week in regard to the pile.

I do believe we are getting newcomers, as three different people asked where the bins were located when they came by to drop off food scraps. It is nice to see familiar faces, so I’m happy to share our regulars are still composting.

Though what type of update would I be delivering if I didn’t mention the latest oddity at the garden…holes. We’ve got about 50 on the property that just showed up. Upon arrival to set everything up for the day we discovered the mysterious addition to the property. They’re not big holes, about two inches in diameter, but there were enough scattered about to cause alarm. Some were identified in garden beds, but most of them were located in the wide open spaces of the grass. Obviously I investigated further.

  • No signs of eggs or other indicators that the hole were made by insects.
  • No mounds around the holes or tunnel systems visible, leading me to eliminate snakes or moles.
  • Very specific and similar in shape ruling out mischief or children exploring on the property.
  • One very guilty looking squirrel that was quick to dart away, making me question his motives.

Regardless, we haven’t a clue (though the squirrel definitely seems to be hiding something) and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Another day at the garden, another project that went on the radar… this is what it means to care for something living. Things come up-or go down in this case-and you just do the best you can to make it right. We’ll continue to love the garden to the best of our ability and we thank everyone who participated in diverting waste from landfills this week. We’re so happy to host this experiment in our garden and the benefits the soil will add to our plants (and all kinds of living creatures) is something for which we are very grateful.

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