Building Garden Beds With Natural And Recyclable Materials

Curious about how we make our beds? For our non Hugel Kultur beds we are still filling them using permaculture techniques. In case you were wondering, we thought we’d share how easy it is to make a raised garden bed for very little money.

We start with a weed barrier, in our beds we use cardboard.

Then we put a layer of of twigs, leaves and other debris.

This is followed by a layer of compost and potting soil.

After planting we add some kind of mulch and water. The whole process (including planting) takes under 30 minutes. We reclaimed these logs from a tree that had been cut down and neighbors supplied us with the leaves. If anyone ever told you it’s too much work or too much money to build a raised garden bed, tell them to try to build one like this! Sure you can use other materials, but why buy them if you don’t have to? We kept all these materials out of landfills and I think it creates a very aesthetically pleasing look in the garden. Looking forward to watching the new plants grow!

Happy Gardening!

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