A Site Visit From Parks and Parkways

View of the entrance on Galvez and Mandeville with the annuals from Parks and Parkways

Today we had a visit from the Parks and Parkways to see all the work we’ve been up to. We’re thrilled by how much the plants they donated add to the space and over the moon that they complimented our rain garden! We look forward to continued collaboration and are delighted to watch our flowers grow! Check out how many we planted around the property!

We had so much fun planting these in unexpected places and love how they border the property.

Pops Of Flowers In The Borders Of The Garden And The Street

We put some in planters and it just makes the space so much more welcoming!

Newly Potted Plants To Add Some Color To the Garden

Sometimes annuals are used in garden beds to prevent soil erosion while seeds get rooted. We took inspiration from this concept and added some alyssum in two of our beds. Check out the new growth from our peas!

Hibiscus, Peas, And Alyssum
Lettuce Bed With Alyssum As Seeds Germinate, Waiting For Sprouts To Come Soon

Our bed with the baby lettuce has added life by the addition of alyssum as we wait for them to grow.

The annuals bordering the Mandeville entrance and around the satsumas really brighten up this part of the garden. I still am in awe by how much I enjoy the aesthetic of the spiral herb garden on the property.

Spiral Herb Garden And Satsuma, View From Mandeville Street

The garden gets better and better every day. Feel free to come on by and check it out. Sit, relax, and enjoy the new flowers on site.

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